PL-259 vs. N on 430 MHz

January 8, 2016 IZ2UUF 25

[Read also the follow-up: PL-259 vs. N, round 2: hard testing] Ham radio makers often offer two distinct connectors for the 2m/70cm port: N for the […]

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Dual quad antenna

September 16, 2012 IZ2UUF 2

I have been thinking a while for a simple antenna that allowed me a good DX coverage of 20-17-15-12-10m bands. There are basically two ways […]

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VHF coverage maps

March 4, 2012 IZ2UUF 0

Thanks to the great Radiomobile software by VE2DBE I have been able to calculate a coverage map for the 2m band from some ham stations. […]