IZ2UUF Morse Koch CW

Learn and exercise CW anywhere

What is IZ2UUF Morse Koch CW

IZ2UUF Morse Koch CW is an Android application aimed to train the reception of Morse code for both beginners and advanced users.

This application is designed to take advantage of spare moments like walking, driving, commuting and so on: most exercises can be performed hands free and without looking at the display.

It can be downloaded from the Google Play. The APK installable file is available also on the download page.

Main features

  • designed to train morse code reception on the go
  • supports Koch method with G4FON, LCWO or custom character sets
  • supports the Farnsworth spacing (high speed characters with longer space between them)
  • the hard-letters settings allow increasing the frequency of the letters harder for the user to recognize
  • the auto hard-letters feature automatically increases the frequency of the letters last added to the Koch exercise
  • high precision timing of dots. dashes and space
  • all timings (dot/dash ratio, spacing, etc.) can be user set
  • optionally different sidetone frequency for dots and dashes
  • works also with the phone screen off, so execises can be done with the device in the pocket
  • when an incoming call is received, the exercise is automatically paused
  • a voice can can read each word after the CW transmission, to allow mentally check the reception without even looking at the screen
  • long (alpha, bravo, etc.) or short (A, B, C, ...) voice samples are available
  • a QSO generator generates random "standard" QSO using a database of 1116 first names and 544 cities related to the 31 most popular countries, with 560 real rig names, antenna types, WX and so on
  • can read text from a file or copied and pasted from any source
  • can transmit words or sentences randomly taken from a file (for example a list of proverbs or aphorisms)
  • callsign generator with optional prefix and suffix generation
  • exercise verification can be done by reading the screen, by typing the answers or by listening to a voice that dictates it
  • over 100 international characters supported, including cyrillic
  • full support of prosigns
  • exercises can be configured and saved for fast retrieval
  • the initial "choose" screen allows quickly pick one of the predefined or custom exercises