IZ2UUF Morse Koch CW

Learn and exercise CW anywhere


Installation and versions

What is the IZ2UUF Morse CW Koch app?

It is an Android devices application designed to teach users to learn Morse code reception taking advantage of any spare moment.

Is it available for Apple iOS or Windows?

No. Currently no other versions are planned, but this might change in the future.

I have no access to the Google Play market. Can I still use this app?

Yes. The latest production version is available in the download page.

I don't like the new version 2. Can I go back to version 1?

Yes you can. You can find the old V1 APK file in the download page.

Why is it asking the rights to access my phone calls (READ_PHONE_STATE)?

This access right is required by Android to detect when a phone call is being received; when the phone rings, thanks to this access, app can be paused. If this right is refused, the app will not automatically pause when the phone is ringing due to an incoming call.

Why is it asking the rights to access my network and the internet (ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and INTERNET)?

This access right is required to download the small banner in the free version, to download the news that can appear on the screen and for future (as for V2.0.23515) network based exercises.

Can not configure, the app crashes or does not work well. What's wrong?

Try completely uninstall the app and install it from scratch. In case, please contact me at cw at iz2uuf.net.

How do I get my PRO license code?

Click the three dots on the top left of the exercise screen and select "License key".

Exercises and features

I have been using V1: will I have to obtain the Pro license to continue my exercises on V2?

No: all the features that were available on V1 are still available on the free version of V2.

The old version could generate random words using the letters from a custom string; why is not this possible anymore?

This is not true, the new V2 application can generate random words from the custom string exactly as the old one did.

See where has "Chars from custom string" gone?

Why does the speed bar go only from 5 to 50wpm although the app can go faster?

The speed bar range is limited otherwise it would have been too coarse to set. With a 0-100wpm range, for example, the most used 15 to 30 wpm range would have been only the 15% of the whole bar and it would be very hard to set precisely. Set "Large speedbar range" in the settings to allow the speed bar go to up to 100wpm.

Why does not the "line" grouping for speech work on Koch exercise and voice is always spoken after each group?

The problem is that the Koch exercise doesn't have "lines" but only a potentially infinite sequence of words. Letter groups go on different lines simply because the screen width is not infinite, but changing font size or device orientation will change the line length.
Hence the "line" speech mode is not supported by the Koch or the callisgn exercises but only by those exercises that can actually produce well defined "lines" like custom text or QSO mode (each QSO exchange is a line).