IZ2UUF Morse Koch CW

Learn and exercise CW anywhere

NOTICE: the application is undergoing a multiple-level beta-testing program: some of the features listed below might not be available on your version yet.

What's new in V2

IZ2UUF Morse Koch CW version 2 is a complete rewrite of the previous application. Despite of that, to avoid disorienting the current users, a great effort has been spent to maintain the interface operation and layout as close as possible to the previous one.

The new app is now based on a new sound engine that gives a very high control on timing, handles complex sound shapes and allows multiple sources to be mixed.

Thanks to the new engine, the new app has:

  • a better sound without the annoying clicks (soft attack/release);
  • a perfect synchronization sound/display, allowing text to be shown before or after a programmable time from the related CW sound;
  • the possibility of listening sounds with fating, noise, interferences and other disturbing effects;

Main changes

Besides the new engine, there some other major enhancements made to the V2 app:

  • Start screen — a new initial screen introduces to the exercise or to the exercise selection page; the same initial screen will be used to evidence new features and other news related to this app;
  • Exercise presets — a list of presets allow recalling configurations without having to manually change the settings every time;
  • Unlimited playback — the new exercise generation subsystem is now able to generate exercises of virtually infinte length, while in the old app length was limited by the size of an internal buffer;
  • Text typeback — the user can now type back with the keyboard the text it has received from the application; the app will check the result and evidence all errors;
  • Audio readback — the app can now read back the exercise with the synthesized voice, so the exercise can be quickly verified on the notepad;
  • Multilanguage — the app now supports localized interface; translations in various languages are now available;
  • New readback voice — new readback voice
  • Short voice — now the readback voice can optionally say "A", "B", "C" instead of "ALPHA", "BRAVO", "CHARLIE" and so on;
  • New exercises — a set of new exercises like callsign recognition, QSO mode and many others to come;
  • International characters — over 100 international characters are now supported;
  • Bug fixing — most of the bugs reported have been fixed and a lot of new features requested by the users during these years have been implemented.

Features table

V1V2 FreeV2 Pro
Time limited Koch exercises
Settable speed and spacing
Spoken readback voice (alpha, bravo, ...)
Random words exercise
Text read exercise
Custom string
Hard letters
Automatic Koch hard letters
Settable tone pitch
New audio engine with smooth tones
Anticipated/posticipated text printout
Keyboard verification with exercise comparison
Over 100 international characters supported, including Cyrillic
Translation in several languages
Time unlimited Koch exercises (V1 had 1000 characters limit)
Fast spoken readback voice (A, B, ...)
Text-To-Speech readback voice in all languages supported by Android, able to read all words in natural language.
Voice that reads back the exercise to easen checking the results
Callsign recognition exercise
QSO simulation exercise
Save and recall multiple exercise settings
Automatic word repetition
Support of this app development