VHF coverage maps

Thanks to the great Radiomobile software by VE2DBE I have been able to calculate a coverage map for the 2m band from some ham stations.

The coverage maps prooved to be extremely accurate. I described the exact antenna configuration of each station, while the target station is simulated as a car with a 1/4 wave antenna or so.

The resulting maps can be opened using Google Earth.


These are the results:

iz2uuf.kmz VHF coverage map from IZ2UUF QTH at JN45nk (50w FM)
SanDamiano50W.kmz VHF coverage map from IZ2UUF alternative QTH at San Damiano al Colle (PV) (50w FM)
iw2mwc.kmz VHF coverage map from IW2MWC QTH (50w FM)
iw2mvm.kmz VHF coverage map from IW2MVM QTH (50w FM)
iw2ckm.kmz VHF coverage map from IW2CKM QTH (50w FM)
fortunago.kmz VHF coverage map from Fortunago, alternative IW2CKM QTH (50w FM)
RV_145.575_Val_Tanaro.kmz Coverage of RV repeater IR1DD, 145.575, -600, 110.9, located at JN34XD


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