How does a tuner… tune?

March 22, 2019 IZ2UUF 6

Most ham operators know that by combining inductors and capacitors in various configurations, they can tune their antenna impedance to match their transceiver. Many people, […]

VSWR: a war of figures

July 23, 2017 IZ2UUF 2

Often forums, Facebook pages and other “free-speech” places offer food for thought about many details related to our hobby. This time I stumbled upon a conversation […]

Antenna simulator vs. reality

September 8, 2016 IZ2UUF 0

In my experience with computer antenna simulators (I mostly use 4NEC2), I had the feeling that those tools, if correctly employed, can be quite accurate. Unfortunately, when working […]

To Balun or not to Balun?

August 19, 2016 IZ2UUF 7

that is the question, for many ham radio operators. A simple, resonant, single band, plain-vanilla horizontal dipole, does really need a 1:1 balun… or not? […]